Laying The Propaganda Groundwork For Election Fraud Which Is Of Course Blamed on Guess Who? The Russians- Surprise, Surprise

Wikileaks Taunts Democrats, Tweets "It Has A Surprise In Store" For Tim Kaine And Donna Brazile

Moscow summons Belgian ambassador, presents data on F-16s bombing of Syrian civilians

Julian ASSANGE And Supporters speech at the Ecuadorian Embassy

Prosecutors: NSA contractor's alleged theft 'breathtaking' in scope

Today's Wikileaks Podesta Dump Reveals MoreTom DeLonge/ Podesta Disclosure Emails.......

Second Scalp: James O’Keefe Video Forces Another Democratic Operative to Resign

Headline Articles

Second of Four Videos by Project Veritas- Clinton Campaign Orchestrating Widespread Voter Fraud

Atomic Wikibomb? Link To Unlocked Files............

New Edger Mitchel Detailed Email To Podesta As To Why We Must Disclose

Clinton Government Property Pillaging Not Isolated To White House Alone: FBI Docs: Hillary Clinton Removed Furniture from State Department to Furnish D.C. Home

Unbridled Corruption In Clinton Campaign Revealed In Hidden Videos Clinton Campaign Hires Thugs To Beat Trump Supporters And Create Violence At Trump Events: FELONIES

Assange Internet Cut- The Criminals Fear Him More Tan Ever But May Well Have Triggered a Dead Man's Switch That Will Hasten Their Demise

RT's Bank Accounts In Britain Shut Down- Cabal Now Attacking Truthful Press Outlets- DESPERATION

Wikileak- Clinton Campaign Staffer On Foreign Government Lobbyist Campaign Contribution: "Take The Money"

Wikileaks Releases Batch 9 of Podesta Emails

Has Julian Assange Been Murdered or Kidnapped? Has Wikileaks Sent a Document Dump Threat to Ecuador, John Kerry, and the UK government?

Boston Globe: Vote All You Want- The Secret Government Won't Change

To Mars In 70 Days with NO FUEL- The EM Drive is here

Clinton Aid Planted Anti-Bank Comment In Bank Speech To Use as An Example That HRC "Wasn't Afraid To Speak The Truth To Power"

White House Issues Executive Order -- Coordinating Efforts to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events

Clinton campaign mocks Catholics, Southerners, ‘needy Latinos’ in emails- The Party Of Inclusion Doesn't look very Inclusive When We Get A Look Within

RED ALERT — Get ready for a 'severe fall' in the stock market, HSBC says

More Stench Of Corruption AT the DNC- DNC Chair Had CNN Town Hall Questions in Advance

Someone In The US Is Arrested On Drug Charges Every 25 Seconds- The War On Drugs Is AN Industry That Serves Itself And NOT We The People

The first SPACE NATION is revealed: 'Asgardia' will defend the Earth against deadly attacks from asteroids - and now you can sign up to be a citizen

Clinton Campaign Spending More Than $6,000,000 On Social Media Trolls Running Damage Control And Attacking Critics

TLR Breaking Exclusive- Is The Wikileaks Email Released From Edgar Mitchell or Terri Mansfield?

Haitians are urging people not to give money to American Red Cross

CNN Apparently Caught Coaching Post Debate Focus Group

WikiLeaks releases 2nd batch of 2,000+ emails from Clinton campaign chair

Juanita Broderick Relives Clinton Rape

Wikileaks Release- Zero Point Free Energy Is Real

The White House Was Well Aware Of Clinton Email Issues Early On

Huge Vladimir Putin Banner Unfurled On Manhattan Bridge

Clinton Campaign Using Child Actor At Townhall?

Boston Globe- Domestic Media Is Misleading Americans About Syria

Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged broker of Libyan weapons

Snowden 2.0: NSA contractor arrested for stealing malware used to hack foreign governments

Yahoo- Traitors Assisting Illegal Spying On Americans

Pew: Most Americans Don’t Believe in ‘Scientific Consensus’ on Climate Change

Julian Assange Wikileaks Live Stream 4AM EST- Tuesday Oct. 4

Der Spiegel Interviews Julian Assange - Wikileak's 10th Birthday

Iraqi transport minister claims first airport was built 7,000 years ago in Iraq by ancient Sumerians

US Hired UK PR Firm- Paid Hundreds Of $Millions$ For Terrorism Videos/PR- US Government Caught Red Handed

Another Democrat Arrested For Voter Fraud- This Time A State Rep in CT

Breaking : Ex-Deutsche Bank Executives Among 13 Charged in Paschi Probe

The UN Assaults Trump In Official Tweet- Perhaps Trump Would Be Wise To Get The UN OUT Of The US?

FBI National Security Letters- 50,000 Issued Over 3 Years Violates The Constitution Say 5 Congressmen

State Department Spokesman Makes Veiled Terrorist Threat Against Moscow- Russia Calls Out The US Controlling International Terrorist Alliance

More Street Violence From Leftist Fascists- Trump Supporter Assaulted In Cali

Harry Reid- The ONLY US Senator Who Didn't Vote In Favor Of Overriding Obama's VETO.

VETO OVERRIDEN! This Will Change The World BIG TIME!

Today The Senate Will Vote To Override Obama's Veto Of 'Sue The Saudis' 9-11 Bill

Western Media Blames Russia, Syria For Attack On UN Convoy; Video And Photos Tell Different Story

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