Former NASA whistleblower's shock claim space agency hid PROOF of UFOs orbiting Saturn

Hmmm- So Wich Is It Mr. Trump? Building Walls or Softening Laws?

More Pay To Play Evidence- Clinton Sold Sec State Meetings VIA Foundation

Call logs show frequent contact between Clinton Foundation, State Department- State Department For Sale?

EXCLUSIVE: Missing: FBI files linking Hillary Clinton to the 'suicide' of White House counsel Vince Foster have vanished from the National Archives

Worlds longest glass bottom bridge opens in Hunan, China

FBI uncovers 15K more undisclosed emails in Clinton probe

Headline Articles

Why Rothschild is Shifting From US Dollars to Gold, 'Other Currencies'

Vaxxed Tyranny- Hundreds Of CA Children Sent Home On First Day Of School Due To New Vaccination Law

2,500 Native Americans Successfully Block Oil Pipeline Construction — State of Emergency Declared

Double Standard- Judge unconvinced by ‘Clinton defense’ in Navy machinist’s sentencing over classified sub photos

Hillary flies 20 miles in private jet from Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket

RELEVANT- White House announces Obama's trip to attend G20 summit in China, first visit to Laos

Southern California 'gets to wish upon a star' as mysterious streaks of light flash across starry night sky

Russia Seeks Access To Turkish Side Of NATO Airbase In Turkey- To Run Air Campaigns Against ISIL (Or Whatever They Are Calling That Western Construct These Days )

What Brexit doom? Shoppers push spending to 12-YEAR HIGH for July

Human Sacrifice At Cern? Victim Identified

Lighten Up Mr. President- It's No Secret You've Enjoyed A Puff Or Two

Confirmed- The Hackers Have Been Hacked- NSA Hacked- Confirmed By Experts

Volunteer 'Cajun Navy' Rescues Fellow Community Members Trapped by Louisiana Floods

Immigrants In Germany Refuse To Work- Even 20 Hours A Week- Freeloading On The Backs Of The German People - Thanks To Merkel, The EU, And The NWO.

Clinton Foundation won't accept foreign money if Clinton wins- Hey Foreign Interests- You Better Get Your 'Donations' Submitted Before November

Iransom- Bad Precedence Mr. President

US Moving Nukes From Turkey To Romania?

The Clinton Legacy In Libya Lives On - 60 U.S. airstrikes have pounded Libya so far this month

Private Company 'Wins' U.S 'Permission' To Travel To Moon- How ABSURD- As If Permission Is Needed In The First Place??????

Tim Kaine Once Said Cheating Politicians Should Resign—Including Bill Clinton

NPR's David Greene Demands Assange Sources - Really? A 'Journalist' Just Demanded Sources Be Divulged By A Real Journalist And Freedom Fighter?

Merkel says refugees didn't bring Islamist terrorism to Germany- Part Of The Soros/NWO Campaign To Tear Europe Apart From Within Maybe?

Update: Silver Spring Maryland Apartment Fire/Explosion Death Investigation – A Seventh Victim Located Deceased; Search and Recovery Efforts Ongoing

TOLERANCE? Gay Republican Activist Removed from AIDS Foundation for Supporting Donald Trump

Arrrrrrrrrrrr Matey! Iceland's Pirate Party Would legalize Drugs And Offer Snowden Asylum

More On The Clinton Pay To Play State Department SCAM

Clinton Selects TPP and Fracking Advocate To Set Up Her White House

SNOWDEN: EXPOSURE OF ALLEGED NSA TOOLS MAY BE WARNING - The NSA Does Not Want It's Hacking Revealed- Especially The Hacking Of Allies

Clinton-Connected Pennsylvania AG Found Guilty of 9 Felonies- UPDATE- RESIGNS IN SHAME

Soros Hack Reveals Plot Behind Europe's Refugee Crisis; Media Manipulation; Cash For "Social Justice"- NWO Globalist MANIPULATORS

New Minor Planet 'Niku' Discovered Beyond Saturn- Reverse Orbit Around Sun

Tasers ARE Lethal

Soros hacked, thousands of Open Society Foundations files released online

Hey Mon- What Do The Fastest Runner And Swimmer On The Planet Have In Common? I'll Give You Three Puffs And The First One Doesn't Count Mon

Here’s Why The Media And Sponsors IGNORED This 6-Time Female American Olympic Medalist- NBC's Nick Zacardi Makes Disparaging Remarks About Her Shooting Sport

POTHEAD wins 21st Gold Medal

Will The FBI Release Video And Transcripts From Clinton Interview?

Guccifer_2 Strikes Again -Pelosi Computer Hacked- Dem Cell Phone Numbers Released

Top Clinton State Department Aide Helped Clinton Foundation While At State

The Work Of Dr. Michael Wolf

FEC Commissioner Calls On Ban Of Foreign Money In US Politics

American's Wages Dropping Fast- Meanwhile The Elites Become Obscenely Wealthy- UNSUSTAINABLE - Their Greed Will Do Them In

Assange Implies Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Was Wikileaks DNC Email Whistleblower

Revealed In Courtroom Testimony- FBI Encouraging Acts Of Domestic Terrorism

Ready to restore ties: Putin, Erdogan revive economic plans, patch up differences over Syria

From Freedom Watch: Hillary Clinton sued for alleged wrongful death, defamation, and intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress by parents of Benghazi victims Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith

FBI Raids Clinton Electricians Union Campaign Office- Seize Documents and Computers- National Media Blackout- Trouble For Clinton? The Union? Mayor? All Of The Above?

More 'Life Is Everywhere' Disclosure

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