Former Virginia Governor Wilder Asks Clinton-Kaine ‘What Makes You Better Than Trump?’

Comey Never Intended To Prosecute Clinton- Cheryl Mills, Clinton Operatve, Was Also Granted Immunity

NASA to Hold Media Call on Evidence of Surprising Activity on Europa

UN Peace Council: The US media is lying to the American people. The war in Syria is not a civil war, it's a proxy invasion by the United States

Strange Message Broadcast Over and Over On AM 1630 In NJ/NY Area- 'Trump Will Go 26th' ?

Clinton Speeches- Using Green Screen Technologies- Speeches Removed From Website- Unable to RSVP? Tiny Venues? This Doesn't Add Up......... UPDATE- Detailed Analysis Of Today's Green Screen Event

Is There Life On Europa? Major Mars Finding? NASA Calls For Press Conference Monday- More Incremental Soft Disclosure?

Headline Articles

Senator Elizabeth Warren Grills Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf- Calls For Criminal Prosecution

Clinton 'Postpones' Fundraising Event In NC- Will She Attend Next Scheduled Event In Orlando On Sep 21?

Will Obama Sign Saudi 9-11 Bill Into Law Or Will The Congress Override His Veto And Create That Law?

This Should Be ILLEGAL

Father Warned FBI Two Years Prior- NY, NJ bombings: FBI interviewed suspect's father in 2014

Russia Asserts US Backed Rebels Shelled Red Crescent Convoy

Florida Fertilizer Plant Sinkhole Reportedly Leaks 215 Million Gallons of Radioactive Water Into Aquifer

US Breaks Syrian Peace Treaty Just Days Old- Bombing Kills Over 60 Syrian SoldiersAnd Injured 100

MORE THAN 800 IMMIGRANTS MISTAKENLY GRANTED CITIZENSHIP- Mistakenly Or A Way To Keep Recruited Operatives In The Country?

Orchestrated Fall Terror Campaign To Create Strife/Fear Has Begun- Remain Calm And Fearless And All Will Be Fine

The Washington Post- Snowden Was Source They Used To Win A Pulitizer- Now They Call For His Prosecution? Journalists Or Statist Propagandists?

Big Pharma Pushes States To Continue Them To Allow Their Opiaid Epidemic That Kills Tens Of Thousands Annually

House Oversight Committee Chairman Does A Great Job Reminding Representatives From Government Agencies That The US Congress, by law, Has Oversight Authority And Access To All Records - Hearing Shows Federal Agencies Are OUT OF CONTROL In Their Secrecy.

Clinton Foundation- 'Charity' In Name Only: 2014- Less Than 6% of 'Donations' Actually Go To Charity

David Brock Offers Money for New Dirt on Donald Trump

Polls darken for Democrats

More Failed US Foreign Policy- US Backed, Allegedly 'Moderate' Syrian Free Army Fighters Run US Special Forces Unit Out Of Town

More Failed US Foreign Policy- US Backed, Allegedly 'Moderate' Syrian Free Army Fighters Run US Special Forces Unit Out Of Town

Exclusive: Hillary Clinton Campaign Systematically Overcharging Poorest Donors- Wells Fargo Inundated With Complaints

Hillary Clinton- Four Days Later Looks 20 Years Younger?????????

Why Must The Details of The Russian/US Brokered Syrian Peace Deal Remain Classified? Russia Claims US Is Not Adhering To The Agreement

Clinton Medical Update Docs Hacked?

15% Polling Requirement Blocks Third Party Candidates From Debates- Two Party Monopoly. 3rd Party Candidates Deserve Debate Exposure

Latest DNC Guccifer Hack Release- This Looks Really Bad For Democrats- Reveals The UGLY Underbelly

Who Is Huma Abedin?

US agrees To $38,000,000,000 in Welfare To Israel- Bleeding US Taxpayers Dry- Over $4k Per Israeli Citizen. Israel Won't See This Money When The Truth About 9-11 Is Revealed

Is YOUR boss a psychopath? Study finds up to one in five CEOs have high levels of psychopathic traits

California Bans Orca Captivity And Breeding

Katie Couric Sued for $12 Million For Defamation In Anti-Gun Documentary

More State Department CORRUPTION- Looks As If The State Department Is A Cash Cow For The Secretaries 'Serving' At The Time- Kerry's Daughter Funneled $9 Million

Clinton Doctor Lisa Bardack At Her Side AT 9-11 Event? Checking Vitals?

Syria Claims To Have Shot Down Israeli Drone And F-16- Israel Denies Claim- Syria Claims The F-16 bombed Syrian Artillery Position. Is Israel Trying To Break The Cease Fire Only Hours In?

Why Did ABC 7 NY News Station Yesterday (9-11-2016) Report The Death Of Hillary Clinton At The Beginning Of Their News Broadcast?

Clinton Using Body Double? Speculation Mounts Reaches Out To Jill Stein Campaign With Questions

Greenwald/ Intercept Honors Rep. Barbara Lee- And Rightfully So- She Displayed Courage And Integrity And Was The Voice Of Reason During Trying Times- Turns Out She Was Right.

WebMD- Parkinson's Disease and Pneumonia

DNC To Have Emergency Meeting Regarding Replacing Clinton?

Video Of Clinton- struggling To Get Into Van- Cannot Stand On Her Own- Stroke?

Clinton Suffers Episode At 9-11 Ceremony- Leaves Early

Hillary Clinton Admonishing Millions Of Americans : 'You Could Put Half Of Trump Supporters Into What I Call The Basket Of Deplorables'

Temporary/Partial Victory! Department Of Justice, Department Of Interior, Army Corp Of Engineers Postpone/Delay Pipeline Construction

U.S., Russia announce breakthrough cease-fire deal in Syria

Bill Allowing US Victims Of 9/11 To Sue Saudis Heads To President's Desk- Obama Promises VETO- This Could Very Well Cause The First Domino To Fall In Mass Arrests And FULL Disclosure

Elon Musk and Space X Baffled As To What Caused Their Rocket to Explode- they should Read

BANK OF AMERICA: There's a 20%-50% chance we're inside the matrix and reality is just a simulation

ND Governor Deploys National Guard Against Peaceful Protesters

Same As The Old Boss- War Mongering Surveillance State Traitors

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