TLR- Daily News Wrap- 30 Jan 2017

30 Jan, 2017 @ 06:45PM est

by Neil Wolfe

TLR Daily News Wrap 30 Jan 2017




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Special Forces in Yemen kill Anwar Alawaki’s 8 year old daughter- shot in the neck and bled out over 2 hours. 

Yemeni official saying that “at least eight women and seven children, ages 3 to 13, had been killed in the raid,”

Good news for firearms owners- The Hearing Protection Act would make silencers legal and eliminate the $200 tax as well as the extensive background check currently required.


Bucks County Authorities Make Arrest In Fetish-Themed Child Predator Sex Ring


Virginia Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment,  Introduces Bill to reduce mandatory minimums for creators of child porn

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Call To Action: "Mobile Now Act" S.19 and "The DIGIT Act" S.88 have passed out of the Senate Commerce Committee


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Pizzagate/Podesta Emails- The IP march!


Email Sent To FBI Press Office- reply follows........

Hello- On November 4th, 2016, Erik Prince, Founder of Blackwater, gave a radio interview on Breitbart radio- here is a link to that interview........
If you listen to the interview Prince asserts that a high level contact he has in NYPD told him that the NYPD had found some very daring evidence that implicated some very important people- including high level gems in very serious crimes including child trafficking.
Prince's NYPD contact further asserted that the NYPD had planned to release this information to the public and address the scope of the crimes when the DOJ stepped in and exerted immense pressure upon the NYPD to withhold that evidence from the public.
-Why did the DOJ pressure the NYPD to not release this information?
-Was the NYPD pressured by DOJ in order to run cover for those implicated in the crimes that the evidence revealed? If so why?
- Is the DOJ/FBI currently engaged in a widespread investigation involving the evidence found on Anthony Weiner's computer? If so what sort of timeline can we expect before the FBI announces either indictments or that an investigation is indeed underway? 
- I assume the FBI has in it's possession, the evidence found on Weiner's computer by the NYPD- would you please forward or make available for pickup a copy of those files? If not why will you not release them? 
-If the FBI refuses to release that information to LTR freely is there any reason, such as an active/pending investigation or secret/top secret classification that would prevent or provide reason for the FBIs refusing to release this information via the FOIA process? 
Thank you for your time and consideration- I look forward to your response. 

Neil Wolfe, Chief Editor-

FBI's reply........ 

Mr. Wolfe,
The FBI declines to comment. Thank you for your inquiry.
SSA Matthew Bertron
FBI National Press Office


Musical art used in intro  by Kelvin Mockingbird who I had the honor of hearing live in Sedona, Arizona- outstanding artist who touches the soul- I am grateful that he was kind enough to allow me to share his work. Here's a link to 'The Healing Of Hands' piece......

Here's a link to Kelvin Mockingbirds website.......