Weiner Attorney(s) Negotiating With US Attorney Office- PIZZAGATE Implications?

31 Jan, 2017 @ 09:34PM est

By Neil Wolfe, Chief Editor, The LightReports.com- Op Ed


As many of you may know Blackwater founder Erik Prince, on a radio interview with Breitbart radio disclosed that a high level contact within the NYPD had discovered some extremely damning evidence including involving the Clintons and other Democrats (when investigation is complete it will ensnare many Republicans as well) that implicates them in child trafficking/ child pedophelia. Here's the audio of that interview , within the November 3, 2016 Breitbart article......... 











So today this WSJ article outlines what appears to be negotiations going on between Weiner and the US Attorney's office in Manhattan. I couldn't help but get the sense that this was a shot across the bow by the US Attorney to prompt further cooperation from Weiner in the much larger #pizzagate/Podestaphile/Clinton/Epstein investigation. It is my opinion that Huma and Weiner have been cooperating, to at least some degree, with the FBI/US Attorney. Remember they have a young child together- not hard to believe they'd be willing to cooperate with authorities to prevent both of them going to prison and somebody other than they having custody of their child. I suspect that along with Trump winning the election prompted their cooperation. I doubt you could find a more potentially damning witness against HRC than Huma Abedin.



I suspect that although Huma has cooperated with prosecutors to some degree that they want more and she isn't delivering. Weiner is most likely cooperating 100% because he is facing 15 years or more in prison- but Huma is who the authorities really need in order to get the Clintons and the whole #pizzagate pedophile ring which I suspect numbers in the thousands and will include a who's who of very 'prominent'  individuals. As I understand it Huma and Weiner are still separated but I have no idea what her mindset is towards Weiner but I suspect that the US Attorney wouldn't have fired this warning shit if he didn't believe that Huma would indeed not want to see the father of her child go to prison for 15 years and putting that out there in the news brings it all one step closer to happening. 


Discern for yourself- personally I rely heavily on intuition and it has served me well since I was a much younger man and when I read this article I had an overwhelming feeling that this was a positive advancement in the #pizzagate/  #Podestaphile investigation. 


I hope that it will not be necessary and that indictments or at least announcements of deep investigations will occur prior to March 25th, 2017- We will demonstrate in DC .I am optimistic this will occur and actually believe that sharing our intention with the universe to demonstrate in Washington DC sends a clear message that we as many beings will not allow this horrific scandal to merely die on the vine. I can only speak for my self but my determination to have light shed on these very evil crimes against children will not be eroded by time or deterred by any other force. Exchanging investigative results and news is important in helping us get to the place we want to be but please take a moment to manifest the reality of mass indictments being announced, arrests being executed, and perp walks being broadcast- We have the power to manifest that reality and I KNOW that coming soon.


Here's the FB page to sign up for the IP (investigate #pizzagate ) March if needed.......https://www.facebook.com/IPMarch/