Did You Know THIS Happened In Science?

01 Feb, 2017 @ 10:05PM est

By Neil Wolfe- Chief Editor, TheLightReports.com


A laser shot through salamander eggs onto frog eggs and creates salamanders- TRUE STORY


A photon split into two and sent 14 miles apart, when manipulated at one end both photons have a simultaneous reaction to the other's stimulation- this has been proven using atomic clocks to measure any delta in reaction time- always = ZERO and absolutely simultaneous- splain that sit?


Nobel Prize winner Luke Montegeur, French Virologist that discovered AIDS, took two sets of hermetically sealed small steel capsules- in one set had  pure water free of contaminates- in the other set he had water WITH human DNA present. The two sets were connected by copper wires to which he applied a small charge- the sealed containers that previously had no human DNA now indeed had human DNE present within the water. Peer reviewed/ published and REAL- in other words human DNA can appear spontaneously. I believe because of this there are MANY humanoid species within our galaxy and most likely many others if not all galaxies- in other words human DNS (the basic variety not specifically homo-sapean) exists in 'the field' or the 'source field' or 'the ether' or whatever you choose to call it. 


Related and also interesting.......


William Tift has proven Redshift is BullS**t- lol- Redshift is a way in which 'Astrophysicists' measure the distance of galaxies/heavenly bodies via measurement of microwaves. Tift has proven that this method of measurement is complete BUNK. And even better than that I think his work illustrates that stars change far more quickly than we expected in the past and that the particular microwave frequencies they are emitting directly effects the state in which all that in their immediate proximities experience.


It's also interesting that Tift looked at the various microwave frequencies emitted by these bodies and they were not scattered all about the spectrum as one might suspect- especially one that considers Redshift as a legitimate measuring tool in determining heavenly body distances- instead it was far more incremental or categorize- your microwave frequencies was in either category A, B or C (or D or F etc etc. ) with not in-betweens as you would expect when charting distances of heavenly bodies in the Universe.


I think the bigger thing to take away for Tifts work that debunked Redshift is that star systems essentially evolve and being the source of energy- or at least that sol systems outlet the frequency which they emit has profound impacts on the planetary bodies, and their inhabitants that surrounds that particular star. I believe that we are getting ready to witness our star, the 'sun' takes it's next quantum leap in frequency emission and I also believe that as it does EVERYWHERE else in the Universe it will have a profound impact on this planet, all it's inhabitants and life as we know it- but no worries it's a VERY positive change indeed! Tift prices that their are energetic layers, like an onion within galaxies. Our sol system is  currently moving into a higher frequency part of the Milky Way. These may well be the dimensions, multiple dimensions even within a galaxy. Teslas said if you want to understand the universe look at light, energy and frequency- somethings to that effect. 


Halton Arp also played a significant role in debunking Redshift as a legitimate tool for measuring distances. 


I learned all of this and found it consumable by watching David Wilcock's Wisdom Teaching show on Gaia TV- REAL SCIENCE REVEALED! I challenge any truly scientific free thinkers to watch this series- I think you will be profoundly impacted as was I. 


Read about Astrophysicist William Tift's work from Discover Magazine 1993- and people still buy the Redshift BS? It remains hidden because they don't want you to learn about the energetic shifts that Tifts work reveals. 

Einsteins cross theory- DEBUNKED by Tift..........




Don't believe me- read for yourself.....