FBI Raids Adoption Agency in Ohio

16 Feb, 2017 @ 02:04PM est

By Neil Wolfe


Yesterday the FBI raided European Adoption Consultants which is allegedly an adoption agency.



This past December they were essentially frozen in their activities when EAC was deabarred by the State Department. Official Notice.........  https://travel.state.gov/content/adoptionsabroad/en/about-us/newsroom/EuropeanAdoptionConsultantsDebarred.html



These are the allegations coming out against them now and were very likely the reason behind the FBI raid on not only the agency but the hime of the owner of that agency as well.







images are screen shots from video below



I suspect that Trumps victory had everything to do with this and gave government officials the go ahead to start raiding child trafficking organizations. I'd definitely classify this as a #pizzagate #pedogate raid. Anyone paying attention knows that over the past few weeks law enforcement activity against human traffickers has increased dramatically. Since Trump, the outsider, won the election the establishment that allowed and even participated in human trafficking have become scared and desperate hence their exceedingly bizarre behavior and false propaganda campaigns to undermine the Trump administration.



With this raid as well as the search warrant conducted against a New Hampshire Alderman, Tom Katsiantonis, who also happens to own 3 pizza restaurants (  http://www.newhampshire.com/crime/federal-state-officials-investigating-manchester-alderman-20170214 ) it's pretty clear that the mid level raids have began and should help fill in the pieces of the vast puzzle that is global child trafficking.


The FBI confirmed the raids of EAC and it's founders home with channel 3 WKYC (NBC affiliate) video report.....




I suspect that each of these somewhat lower profile name raids and the hard drives confiscated, will allow the FBI to fill in all the pieces and players of the global human/child trafficking network. A huge overnight mass arrest of some big names would be nice for sure but we must do our best to muster patience and know that the reward shall be ensnaring virtually ALL of them.