Light Report-1 Unexplained Sphere(s) Around Earth

03 Jun, 2016 @ 08:47PM est

By: Neil Wolfe


This is the first Light Report of what I hope are many to come- Light Reports are in depth analysis of situaions or events. Light Reports aren't  necessarily designed to definitively  answer questions but instead raise questions that we must all demand answers to- as ONE- as HUMANITY- As FREE BEINGS!  United we will find the truth- but divided deception and division will continue to be our master - Knowledge and sharing knowledge is the key. I spent no less that three days and much creative energy gathering this information- I ask for no money in return for my hard work but instead that you muster the courage to disseminate this knowledge far and wide- however and to whomever you can- with our courage to share that which we deem as feasible comes the rewards of service to others.  I hope you enjoy and are fascinated by my work- I do it for YOU  :   )


During episode #138 of David Wilcock's GaiamTV show 'Wisdom Teachings at about the 8:00 mark, David shows video from the ISS’s outward pointing HD camera on December 5th 2014 . Wilcock showed a video of the ISS feed that appeared to be RED laser hitting a sphere just outside of the Earth 200-5,000 miles perhaps?) . Wilcock asserts that this was a weapon fired by a malevolent psychopathic global criminal cartel commonly refered to as ‘the Cabal' (likely shot from Pine Gap Australia which is joint US/AUS base with the secrecy like are 51). Wilcock asserts that when the Earth based laser shot the sphere, the sphere illuminated a glowing red but then redirected the weapon's beam back down to it's source apparently killing most everyone who had gathered for the event (what a pity huh?). If you haven't seen the video here it is…….. 





Wilcock didn't mention that NASA had actually addressed this event but they have acknowledging that the event actually occurred. They usually don't acknowledge the unidentified spacecraft that people catch on the ISS feed. I think in this instance they did so because some people were asking them if this was an attack against Earth by some sort of ET ship. I also think that they thought their cover story would sufficiently explain what had occurred. SO here is what seems to be the initial excuse that came out of NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab in California- "But according to NASA, there’s a very Earthly  explanation for the beam in space. The laser beam was actually a test firing of the new Optical Payload for Laser Communication, or OPALS, system run in part by NASA from its Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Southern California.The purpose of OPALS is to create a new, ultra-high speed communications link between Earth and spacecraft such as the space station."source article……….quoted from this source……


So we did a  little research on the OPAL system- I wanted to find out what color laser they were using to transfer the data- if it was a red laser that wouldn't debunk NASA'a explanation but if it was another color laser then perhaps it would. So I wrote and email to Matthew Abrahamson who heads up the OPAL program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab and inquired about the color of the laser used in the opal program. To give credit where credit is due it was Scott Waring's comments from the article above that prompted me to do so. Here is how the exchange went……



Hello Matthew- I was just reading about the awesome work you guys are

doing with OPAL- very exciting indeed- looks as if bandwidth will no

longer be an issue for ISS online gamers- lol


I have seen several videos and diagrams of the system that show various

colors of lasers being used. I've seen both red and green lasers

depicted. I'm not an expert by any means so please forgive my ignorance

on this subject but as I understand it some lasers- depending upon their

color, are able to transmit more data than other colored lasers? Is that

indeed true? 


An opal found here on Earth can reflect many colors across the light

spectrum so the name of the program didn't really reveal to me what

color(s) laser NASA is using to transmit data via OPAL. Is there a

specific color used and if so what would that be?


Thanks, Neil


I then received this reply to my inquiry………


Hi Neil,


Thanks for the inquiry. The laser color does not affect the amount of data

or data rate possible for a transmission. Although the OPALS laser has

been depicted as red or green in several media packages, the laser is

actually infrared and cannot be seen by the naked eye.






As you can read in Mr. Abrahamson's reply shows the OPAL laser- which he of course claimed it was-  certainly isn't red or even visible to the human eye. Therefore if his explanation was that this was the actual OPAL laser then it of course cannot be true because the OPAL laser is neither red nor visible to the human eye as the December 5th video shows it was both visible and red.


So then I found another article where NASA/Abrahamson detailing NASA's explanation further (or perhaps changing it) - I'm still not sure if at first NASA came out with the OPAL test excuse and then elaborated on it or if it was two entirely different explanations- does't matter because it turns neither excuse was true.  Abrahamson explains that the laser light show was an artificial star being projected by the EOS's VLT (Very Large Telescope) artificial star generating system that is used to calibrate large telescopes. Explained by Abrahamson in this article………..




So now I set out to learn about artificial stars, how they work, and if they could have possibly projected the image of this large sphere into space using the artificial star generation system. I read about artificial star information for a couple of hours and then decided to reach out to an observatory in Arizona but they claimed that they couldn't determine if the image of that sphere could have been an artificial star generated by the ESO's VLT system. So I then found the company that had built and designed the system and reached out to MR. MATTHEW MANISCALCO MSC, JD, LLM who I found as the contact for the company that designed and built the artificial star generating system for the ESO's VLT. Their website and information about the system


 Here was our email exchange……….


my email to Matthew………


Hello Matthew- I was just reading about lasers and such and I stumbled across an article about the 4 LGSF system that you made for the ESO.


Please forgive my ignorance in advance if I misuse terminology or appear as if I know little on this topic because I am indeed ignorant when it comes to lasers but I am trying to learn more.


I went to your website to learn more in regards to how the lasers work with the ESO VLT to generate these artificial stars for telescope fine tuning purposes. Very interesting approach to the problem of calibrating these telescopes. I was referencing this page on your firm's website


Is the altitude at which the artificial start forms adjustable or is that 90km essentially the maximum or minimum height required?


When the 4 lasers reach this 90km and excite a layer of sodium atoms does the laser light then disperse thereby creating a spotlight effect or does it remain in it's original diameter? If it expands could you give me an idea as to the shape and size that it may expand to? If the light doesn't 'expand' outward one exciting this layer of sodium atoms at 90km then I assume the artificial star would still measure 300 mm in diameter? Or is the telescopes mirrors involved in amplifying the size as seen from the Earth? Sorry I'm a little confused as to the size of the artificial star at that 90km elevation.


Also I was talking to a friend about this an he mentioned how different colored lasers have somewhat different characteristics. What color lasers does this system use and why? ALl one color or multiple colors? What color artificial start does it create or is the color of the artificial start variable? If variable what colors can the system be adjusted to project?


Thanks for taking the time to provide some brief answers to my questions- I spent about an hour researching his stuff and felt I had a good grasp but just need to fill in a few more pieces of the puzzle in order to feel as if I have at least a layperson's understanding of how the system works.


I look forward to your reply and again please feel free to keep the answers to my questions brief as I'm sure you could expound upon each greatly however I want to be considerate of your time.


Thanks so much,





Here is Mr. Maniscalco's reply……..




Dear Neil,


The Laser light energizes the sodium vapor the same way microwaves excite water - by resonating at their natural frequencies. The sodium vapor then glows by absorbing and reflecting the laser light.  The frequency of the laser and natural frequency of the sodium is in the high 500-nanometer range, thus the light appears orange to us.  Other colors would not excite the sodium enough to make a useful guidestar.  Before the laser light is "launched" the beam is expanded to a width of about 1/2 meter.  


I hope this is helpful.  You can get more information on the web, for example at the ESO website:

Or even Wikipedia:







Mr. Maniscalco makes it clear in his email that the beam from this star generator would appear orange and if you look at the images towards the bottom of the wiki page all of the beams coming from the star generators are of similar color- orangish/yellow. This of course  debunks NASA’s assertion that the red laser we see in the ISS footage as being a star generator. Furthermore the sphere in the video appears to be very large (Wilcock asserts 1/5 the size of the moon) which looking at the scale of the space station, Earth, and knowing the space station orbits from 205-250 miles from the surface helps you scale the size and elevation of the sphere. The sphere appears to be at least as far away from the Earth as the ISS. This fact further debunks the artificial star story because remember this is a laser tuned to excite sodium atoms which occur in the Mesosphere at about 90km from the Earths surface or about 55 miles high. If the sphere in the video were only 55 miles high we probably wouldn't have even been able to see the event over the horizon of the the planet. And if the sphere were only 55 miles high that would make it only 1/4 to 1/5 the height of the ISS- I think most would agree that there is no way that the sphere in the video is even 1/2 the elevation of the ISS- again to me it appears to be at much higher elevation than the ISS.



So if the spherical object in the video is not the result of an OPALS or artificial start laser system then What is it?


Interestingly enough the ISS again recently captured a large sphere over Antarctica- this sphere however did not appear to be cloaked and could be seen with the names eye without firing a red laser at it. In case your argument to debunk this video is that this object was a weather balloon the all time record altitude for a weather balloon in only 33 miles- and again this sphere seems to be at a similar elevation as the ISS-  most likely somewhere between 150-300 miles above the Earth’s surface. As is often the case when NASA realizes the ISS live feed is capturingof unidentified spacecraft it cuts the live feed.







This research presents some valid question that humanity DESERVES answers to such as………..


1- Why did NASA officials lie in regards to the origin of the laser?


2- What was the spherical object that the laser hit? Planetary body? Spaceship? Living Entity? Friend or Foe? There are some who may have the answer- to research further search for ‘Sphere Being Alliance’


3- Is NASA / US Government aware of what this sphere(s) actually is and if so what is their motive behind concealing it’s /their presence? Visit their website or FB page and ASK THEM.

Website NASA FB page  NASA JPL FB page


This writer does not assert that this Light Report presents all of the answers to these questions- we believe it does however present concrete evidence that is the basis for making these questions 100% legitimate. If you too are curious to know these answers please share this Light Reports with your family and friends- perhaps there is some other explanation? Only by sharing this information can we hope to better understand it. Your feedback is welcome in the comments section below. Discern for yourself and be sure to add our page to your desktop for cutting edge breaking relevant news and bold, fearless investigative journalism brought to you in service to others. Please contact us if you would like to sugeest a relevant and honest information portal that we don't already have linked in our information sources sections. - we are grateful and honored that you choose to consider our information in determining YOUR truth.